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It’s like having your own custom service! You’ve probably seen major corporations with short URLs utilizing a domain that’s shorter than their main domain, but still reflects their brand. Shortn.It allows you to achieve the same effect with your brand, no matter how large or small.

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Who is David Cochrum?

I exist to facilitate people finding and connecting with God in whatever way I can. My wife and girls are nothing that I have earned, but everything I’ve ever wanted, and then some. I’ve been blessed with the gift of tech-savviness and the interpretation of code.

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I code PHP primarily and am quickly becoming a Wordpress guru, but I don’t stop there. Other languages I know include C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I edit video, support networks, PCs, and Macs, and much, much more.

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Front-end, back-end, and everything in between; I code it all. I specialize in PHP, jQuery, and Wordpress, but I can prescribe cures in HTML5, CSS3, Apache, MySQL, C, C++, Java, and more. I've built sites from the ground up with nothing but hand-coded PHP and also using Wordpress as a flexible and easy-to-use CMS. In Wordpress, I've made custom themes and plugins to suit the needs of each specific site.


What good is code without style? I can dress up any site to match any theme, need, or desire. Your average site visitor isn't admiring your source code (however impressive), but is looking at your images, text, arrangement, and positioning. All these play a factor in solidifying your brand and trustworthiness. Make sure your site design isn't filled with Comic Sans and GIF Clip Art dating back to the 1990's.


Put the code and style together and what do you get? You might not know (and that's OK) and you most definitely won't be left high and dry! I'll help you understand what you need to know so that you are empowered to communicate through your site effectively. Utilizing Wordpress as a CMS makes editing your site and content a breeze. You'll be effortlessly editing HTML code without even realizing it.

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